What is C*Nect?

A high-level explanation of what C*Nect is and the problems it typically solves.

The C*Nect Platform

An overview of the C*Nect Platform including technology and architecture.

Hosting Options

An overview of how the C*Nect Platform can be hosted.


User Interface

An overview of the User Interface that demonstrates the layout and common elements that are present in all modules within the C*Nect Workbench.

Workbench Navigator

An overview of the C*Nect Workbench Navigator module that demonstrates a powerful Grid UI that has an “Excel-Like” interface. It can connect multiple, disparate datasources into a single view, write data back to source systems, and track changes in an audit log. Collaborate on projects with inline commentary and many more features.

Workbench Analyzer

An overview of the C*Nect Workbench Analyzer module that demonstrates a powerful Pivot UI with drag-n-drop data structuring, dynamic charting, and a high performance in-memory data cache.  Analyzer is a versatile tool for data analytics and reporting.


Data Analysis: Exception Discovery

A practical example of using c*nect to discover exceptions and potential problems in data sets.  The demonstration shows the use of Workbench Analyzer during the process.

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