Microsoft Excel is the World’s Most Popular Database

ms-excelMicrosoft Excel® is probably the world’s most popular and versatile  database.  Even though companies can spend upwards of a few million dollars to implement the latest Business Intelligence, OLAP, or Enterprise Reporting solutions, data always seems to make it’s way into an Excel spreadsheet for final processing.  Why?  It’s simple. It works, it’s familiar, ubiquitous, and flexible enough for the end-user to create a reporting solution that works for them.

The expensive data solutions seem to cover around 80 to 90% of the requirements of an organization, but will almost never satisfy the requirement 100% unless the solutions is customized or complimented with additional software.

C*Nect is system that delivers the performance and capabilities of enterprise data systems while remaining flexible enough to give end-users the ability to be creative in creating solutions they would normally use Microsoft Excel® for.