Is your Process Pillar Aligned for Success?

Challenges in Balancing People, Process, and Technology – Part 2:

Isn’t Process supposed to make our work and tasks easier and more predictable (repeatable)? Sure, it should be an enabler and yet can easily become a disaster. Too many companies rely on Process to its detriment in trying to solve complex problems. While Process is supposed to minimize mistakes and omissions, improve quality of work products, and ensure consistency of execution, it can also cripple an organization and result in progress grinding to a halt.

The application of Process and methodology has become a core behavior in solving problems, based on decades of use and evolution. But this evolution isn’t without its pitfalls. While advances have been made, we remain burdened with projects that have unacceptably high costs, riskiness, and lengthy time-to-market. It is time to take a closer look at how we got to this point and why some evolution is just not natural.

[ Full Story – – William Gardner – Feb 4, 2015 ]

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