Is Your People Pillar Structurally Sound?

Challenges in Balancing People, Process and Technology – Part 1:

There must be a critical flaw in the implementation of People, Process and Technology. If not, why are there so many projects that fail or fall short of objectives? Projects are more expensive, the rate of failure is concerning, and the timeliness of delivery is generally unacceptable. Is this why the perception of IT is so negative these days? Perhaps the problem is isolated to just one of these pillars, or maybe it persists across all three. Or possibly, the problem lies in the balance within and between these Pillars.

Regardless, it bothers me to think that despite the numerous advances in all three areas, it still pains organizations to work on projects due to the unnecessarily high cost, riskiness, or slow time-to-market. I believe the topic warrants a closer look, starting with the People Pillar.

[ Full Story – – William Gardner, Jan 2015]

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