Beyond Big Data: IoE, Analytics Will Drive New Business Models

You’ve probably known for a while that your car has a “Black Box” that can track and record data about how you drive. It’s part of the car’s safety system.  Already installed in 90 percent of new cars in the United States, as of September 2014 they’ll be mandatory.

That black box is also part of the Internet of Everything. Think about it. That data — how you drive, your speed, your braking — will soon be combined with data from “wearables” that monitor your heart rate, breathing, your position to enable things like accident reconstruction, auto insurance rates and data for automotive engineers working on the next generation of safety features.

And if that sounds like Big Data – well, it is! Put that data together with the Internet of Everything and robust analytics and you’ve got yourself game-changing potential.

[ Full Story – – July 9, 2014 ]

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