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Business Intelligence in the Mid-market

Why do the top companies invest so heavily in business intelligence? Profits. They understand that by transforming the data they have into information, it will provide them with a competitive advantage and improved profits. The mid-market is no different from the Fortune 500 in that respect. The businesses are no less complex. The need to […]

More on the benefits of business databases

In last week’s column, Heather Godfrey of CM Databases told me why all business owners should have a database. After her convincing response, I dug a little further.  I asked her the following: What’s the benefit of having a database over having a spreadsheet? “Any means of recording your data in an ordered way is having a […]

Is Big Data Today’s Sock Puppet?

Recently I overheard someone say, “If I get one more email or see another self-serving article or conference extolling all the unbelievable ways digital surveillance (AKA big data) can be used to solve just about every problem known to modern man, I think I’ll lose my mind.” Count me in on this feeling. Coincidentally, many of […]

Microsoft Excel is the World’s Most Popular Database

Microsoft Excel® is probably the world’s most popular and versatile  database.  Even though companies can spend upwards of a few million dollars to implement the latest Business Intelligence, OLAP, or Enterprise Reporting solutions, data always seems to make it’s way into an Excel spreadsheet for final processing.  Why?  It’s simple. It works, it’s familiar, ubiquitous, […]

Big data must become ‘people data’

Search the big data hashtag (#bigdata) on Twitter and you’ll find, on average, around 30 to 50 posts per minute. There are also organisations such as Big Data Week and BigData Blogs, both dedicated to the wider big data debate. The new millennial consumer is already in charge and there is no doubt that making use of an explosion in […]

Knocking Big Data Down to Size

Building loyalty and engagement with big data and gamification doesn’t mean you have to lasso the moon. Strategic marketers like Coca-Cola‘s Taylor Miffleton talk a lot about brand love. After all, it’s the purest form of loyalty. Brand love emerges only after consumers make a primal connection with a product or service – a bond […]