About C*NECT

A few years ago, Bill Gardner, the President Co-Founder of c*nect, had just completed the successful and smooth implementation of a new Enterprise Finance Platform for a major Financial Services firm in New York City.  Following the final project status meeting, Bill ran into the Financial Controller who was the business sponsor for the project.  Expecting to receive a healthy dose of smiles and kudos for the successful implementation, Bill was surprised by a different reality.  The Financial Controller did say “It was an important strategic accomplishment and a job well done.”  However, he followed that up with a question.  “When are you going to deliver a solution that would actually improve the quality of life for me and my team, instead of introducing new technology with more data and processes that ultimately increases our workload?”.  The Financial Controller was referring to the manual processing of data that was required every month.  He and his team would spend days downloading vast amounts of data from various systems into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, joining them together, performing data quality checks, fixing breaks, and eventually producing the reports that were required. It was manually intensive requiring lots of overtime and often weekend work. There had to be a way to create an automated process supported by technology that could provide the same flexibility as Microsoft Excel in performing the functions that the “big-money” systems couldn’t.

c*nect was born.

Our mission is to help our customers use their information effectively to improve their business processes, decision making, and ultimately their bottom line. Connecting our clients to their information for good use, empowers them in business.