Big data must become ‘people data’

Search the big data hashtag (#bigdata) on Twitter and you’ll find, on average, around 30 to 50 posts per minute. There are also organisations such as Big Data Week and BigData Blogs, both dedicated to the wider big data debate. The new millennial consumer is already in charge and there is no doubt that making use of an explosion in the volume, velocity and variety of data is critical in this new world.

However, there’s simply not enough sense being made of all that data. Sometimes the complexity is so confusing I worry that it’s taking us away from the real issues. Being pragmatic about data and going back to basics is what we need to help us move forward. Using data to help us ask and answer the simple, but larger strategic questions: what do we need, why do we need it and how do we get it? This requires organisational change, a change in mentality and approach, not just a change of skills and tools.  [ Full Story – the Guardian – March 19, 2014 ]