Do you have fast access
to the data you need
to make critical
business decisions?

Or do you waste time
manually collecting
the data you need?

Some find themselves
relying on Microsoft Excel®
or other widely available
options to consolidate,
explore, and process
their mission critical data...

Others might have costly
and complex solutions
to connect their data
for transformation,
reporting, and analytics
but still find themselves
relying on Excel
to manually collect and
process data...


brings together the best features
of popular enterprise solutions
together with a familiar
"Excel-Like" interface.

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What is c*nect?

A versatile platform that connects your datasources together into a single point of control for exploring, analyzing, and transforming your data. It’s enables you to improve Data Quality, govern data, and create a single source of validated truth for downstream processing or reporting in data visualization tools like Tableau or Qlikview. It has evolved the user-friendly “Excel-like” interface into a simple but powerful data management platform.

Watch the video below to learn more….

The 2016 Product Information Sheet contains useful information about the c*nect platform.

Benefits By Role

Small & Medium Sized Business
  • BI that’s cost-effective
  • Analytics for your business
  • IT Staff not required
  • Cloud hosting available
Executives & Management
  • Dashboards and KPIs in a click
  • Reduce manual processing time for critical reports
  • Real-time Data
  • Single and consistent source for reporting
Audit & Compliance
  • Audit-trail to monitor and control data
  • Data commentary
  • Replace “rogues” end-user applications with one application
Finance & Operations
  • Reporting and corrections in a single app
  • Reconcile between “disconnected” systems
Information Technology
  • Reduce end-user reliance on spreadsheets
  • Easily integrate with other applications for user self-service reporting

Become a Partner

Good teamwork is a critical component for success.  c*nect is looking for partners who wish to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are a software, professional service, or consulting company, maybe there’s something that we can do together.  Let’s chat.

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